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AdmWin - manage your computers and users the easy way!


Prices - How to order - Order FAQ

Benefits for registered users

  • Upgrade your trial version to full version upon purchase, the trial reminder notice when the software is started and exited will disappear.
  • Discounts on subsequent orders.
  • Free updates for 12 months - without limitations, includes both minor and major releases.
  • Access unofficial minor releases.
  • Free premium email service and support for 12 months. Have a problem? We have in some cases been able to deliver updated software in just a couple of hours.
  • Complete satisfaction - 30 day full money-back guarantee.*

*) Our 30 day money-back guarantee is not an extended trial period. To get your money back, you should have a reason, such as a feature that does not work or something that you dislike.


License type USD

Personal license - AdmWin may be used by the registered person only. The software can be used on any computer that the license holder uses. The license holder may use the software to manage any machine in any domain or workgroup. The license cannot legally be shared or transferred to another person or user.

Program limitations: AdmWin (SetupBatcher and NTreport) can not be called from the command line.


Domain license - AdmWin may be used in the registered Windows domain or workgroup*, on any machine, by anyone in the registered organization.

Program limitations: It is only possible to manage machines that belongs to the registered domain or workgroup. The program is locked to the domain or workgroup name you provide when registering.

Additional domain license - add more domains to an existing domain license. $99

Site license - AdmWin may be used at the registered site**, on any machine in any domain or workgroup, by anyone in the registered organization. The site and a designated contact person must be identified when purchasing the site license.

Program limitations: None.


Enterprise license - AdmWin may be used across the entire organization; on any machine, by anyone in the registered organization, anywhere in the world. The organization and a designated contact person must be identified when purchasing the enterprise license.

Program limitations: None.

Interested? Please write to sales@admwin.com and tell us your number of locations, domains and machines.

Twelve more months of service, support and free updates - please contact sales@admwin.com for ordering information. 50% of above prices

Please use the Currency Converter by OANDA.com, The Currency Site to find out the price in your local currency.

*Windows domain = old style NetBIOS Windows domain name - NOT the FQDN DNS domain name. If you are unsure of the domain name, start the AdmWin demo on a machine that belongs to the domain you want to register and click Help > About in SetupBatcher, then look for the text "Local Computer Primary Domain:". Workgroups: AdmWin treats workgroups as domains, if you want to use the domain version you need one license for each workgroup.

**Site = contiguous property under the control of the organization. "Contiguous property" includes property that is separated only by a public right-of-way (e.g., roadway or power line).

How to order

  • Read the license agreement.
  • Choose a license type.
  • Order, see resellers below.
  • As soon as we get your order from one of our partners, we will confirm your order by e-mail (sender: "sales@admwin.com").
    • The e-mail will include a request for your registration information.
    • If you order a "domain license" you will be asked for a domain or workgroup name - the name is used for software protection, you will not be able to run AdmWin on machines that do not belong to a registered domain or workgroup.
  • We will send your registration key by e-mail as soon as we have received your registration information.

Payment options

  • Credit card
    • accepted cards: Visa, MasterCard / EuroCard, American Express, Discover / Novus (USA only) and Diners Club (Europe only)
  • International swift bank transfer ("wire transfer")
  • Cheque / money order

On-line resellers

Traditional resellers

  • France - Softworld
    • Phone orders (language: French)
      • +33 1 4059 02 99
    • Fax orders
      • +33 1 4579 95 55

Order FAQ


  • We offer educational and non-profit organizations a 30% at least discount on all orders of USD 300 or more. Interested? Please write to sales@admwin.com and tell us what you would like to order.

How soon will the software be delivered?

  • After we have received your order we will send you an order confirmation by e-mail with a request for your registration information.
  • Within 1-2 days (normally) from your reply, we will send your AdmWin registration key as an e-mail attachment.

I did not get my registration key..?

  • First of all please make sure that you do not have an incoming mail filter, antivirus scanner or firewall that deletes incoming mail with .key attachments from the admwin.com domain. You may need to check both your personal e-mail and security software and also your incoming mail server (contact your ISP).
  • If you did not get your key within 3 business days then please contact us immediately at sales@admwin.com or by fax at +1 (801) 340-4846. Do not forget to mention your order number.

I still have a question. Who do I contact?

  • If you have a question regarding payment options ("Do you accept Purchase Orders", "How can I get a printed invoice by postal mail" etc.) - please contact the above resellers.
  • If you have problems placing an on-line order (no "order confirmed" page etc.) - please contact the reseller.
  • Other questions: please feel free to e-mail us at sales@admwin.com, we will be happy to answer any questions you have.