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File finder flash introduction

This demonstration consists of three parts:

  1. Search server user home directories for unwanted media files (usually you do not want your users to store space-wasting and in some cases illegal wav, wma, mp3, asf, mov, mpg, mpeg, avi etc. files), how to search by minimum size, how to limit number of items listed per directory.
  2. Calculate home directory sizes, about the underlying script, how to run a script in NTreport, how to assign a speed button for a script.
  3. Software inventory - search multiple machines and multiple paths for Excel and Word, how to create a list of machines, how to browse for a directory on a remote machine, the "Make script" button, the "Make [Aux]" button, the NTinfo filter.

Click here to start the movie.

Time 10:02, Size: 1504KB.

Notice: Flash player 5 or later required.